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Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5


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Your next Putter

Elevate your game with the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 – not just a putter, but a game-changer. Precision-crafted to give an edge to your putting stroke, this putter features a unique head type designed for elevated forgiveness and fine-tuned weight distribution. The distinct putter face ensures the ball rolls true to its path, boosting your confidence on the greens. While the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 may carry a higher price tag, it’s an investment in quality and performance. For those who seek perfection and an edge over the competition, there’s no better choice than this extraordinary putter.



The difference

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter does indeed boast several unique features that set it apart from other putters on the market. Notably, its multi-material construction offers golfers exceptional stability and forgiveness. The putter’s high-MOI design, combined with a low and forward center of gravity, provides players with a smoother roll and more precise alignment. Furthermore, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 is meticulously crafted with a milled face, which optimizes vibration for superior feel and sound. Its distinct neon yellow and black alignment features also enhance visibility, aiding in improved accuracy on the greens. These unique attributes make this putter a standout option for golfers seeking a performance edge.

our pros

A significant pro of this putter is its multi-material construction, which includes solid aluminium and steel, ensuring both durability and the ideal weight balance for an efficient stroke. Additionally, the putter’s innovative face technology offers a soft but responsive feel, improving the player’s control over the ball’s speed and direction. Another notable advantage of the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter is its aesthetically pleasing design, featuring streamlined, sleek lines and a striking visual contrast between the red and black components. The alignment guides on the top of the putter help players aim more accurately, leading to a higher success rate on the green.

our cons

However, there are also some cons associated with the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter. First and foremost, it comes with a steep price tag. While many golfers are willing to pay for quality, this putter is significantly more expensive than most of its competitors, potentially making it inaccessible for those on a budget. Another potential downside of this putter is its specific design features. While these can enhance performance for some players, they may not suit all styles or preferences. For instance, the mallet-style head of this putter is quite large, which some golfers might find off-putting or difficult to adjust to.


I would highly recommend the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter to any golfers looking to elevate their short game. This putter combines precision milling with multi-material technology, resulting in a high performance tool that offers exceptional alignment and forgiveness. Its sleek design and superior balance make it a pleasure to handle, while its durable construction ensures it will maintain its high-quality performance over time. Overall, the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5 putter represents an excellent investment for those serious about improving their golfing performance.

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