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Odyssey White Hot OG Seven


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Your next Putter

Discover the game-changing Odyssey White Hot OG Seven, the putter designed to revolutionize your golfing experience. This putter’s unique head type perfectly balances weight and forgiveness, promising a seamless putting stroke every time. Explore the intricately engineered putter face that guarantees precision and control, all at a cost that values your investment. The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven isn’t just a putter; it’s your ultimate partner in the quest for golfing excellence. Elevate your performance and make every stroke count with this top-tier putter.



The difference

The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter features several unique elements that set it apart from other putters on the market. One distinct feature is its two-part urethane insert technology which offers an exceptional feel and consistent performance, a characteristic highly sought after by professionals and amateurs alike. Additionally, the putter boasts a rich silver PVD finish, giving it a premium and sleek look. The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter also incorporates high MOI design, making it forgiving on off-center hits. These distinguished features make this putter a standout choice for golfers aiming to enhance their game.

our pros

The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter is a popular choice among golfers for several reasons, but like any product, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Starting with the pros, the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven is renowned for its exceptional feel and sound. The putter’s distinctive White Hot insert, made up of a dual layer injected moulded insert, has been lauded for its consistent sound and feel across the face. This consistency not only helps with distance control but also provides a high level of confidence with each stroke. Another major advantage of this putter lies in its design. The mallet shape with weighted alignment wings makes it easier for golfers to line up their shots accurately. Furthermore, the steel and rich black PVD finish gives it an attractive aesthetic that appeals to many golfers.

our cons

However, the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter isn’t without its cons. One of the significant drawbacks for some golfers is its price. It falls on the higher end of the spectrum, making it less accessible for those on a budget. Another potential downside is its weight. Some players have reported that the putter feels too heavy, which can impact swing speed and control. Lastly, despite its high-performance design and features, some golfers may find it difficult to adjust to the putter’s feel and response, especially if they’re used to a different style of putter.

In summary, the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter offers outstanding consistency and design features that can improve alignment and confidence on the greens. However, its price point and weight might be deterrents for some golfers, and there could be an adjustment period while getting used to its unique feel and response.


For avid golfers seeking a top-notch putter with unparalleled feel and consistent performance, the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Putter is an excellent choice. Despite a relatively higher price point, its exceptional technology and iconic White Hot insert justify the investment for improved accuracy on the greens. However, if extensive customization options are crucial to your game, you might want to explore other putter models.

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