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Odyssey DFX Rossie


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Your next Putter

Elevate your golf game with the Odyssey DFX Rossie. This sophisticated putter is crafted for precision, enhancing your putting stroke with its unique head type. The putter face, meticulously designed for superior control, ensures every stroke counts. Its calculated weight distribution promises forgiveness, turning near misses into certain hits. The Odyssey DFX Rossie is a worthy investment for both seasoned and aspiring golfers – a perfect blend of quality and cost. With this putter in your hand, every green becomes your playground. Transform each stroke into a winning shot with the Odyssey DFX Rossie.

The difference

The Odyssey DFX Rossie putter distinguishes itself from other putters in the market with its unique design and advanced technology. The putter features a distinctive face insert that is meticulously crafted to enhance feel and performance. The Odyssey DFX Rossie’s insert technology offers improved sound, feel, and roll characteristics, which are crucial aspects in any putting game. Furthermore, it has a sleek black finish that reduces glare and enhances visual contrast for easier alignment. This putter’s combination of superior design, innovative technology, and aesthetic appeal sets it apart in the highly competitive golf equipment market.

our pros

Starting with the pros, the Odyssey DFX Rossie putter is renowned for its exceptional balance and stability. This feature is crucial in promoting consistent stroke paths and assisting in maintaining control while hitting the ball. The putter’s design and weight distribution make it an excellent choice for golfers who want to improve their putting accuracy. Another advantage of the Odyssey DFX Rossie is its soft responsive feel, a characteristic largely attributed to its integrated DFX face technology. This feature provides excellent feedback on hits, allowing golfers to improve their game over time. Moreover, the putter’s sleek design and aesthetic appeal are also worth mentioning.

our cons

However, there are also cons associated with the Odyssey DFX Rossie putter. One of the most common criticisms is that it may not be suitable for beginners or those with a high handicap. The precision and control offered by this putter demand a certain level of skill to take full advantage of these benefits. Additionally, some golfers find the grip of the Odyssey DFX Rossie to be somewhat uncomfortable or hard to get used to, which might affect performance during longer games. Lastly, compared to other putters on the market, the Odyssey DFX Rossie can be somewhat pricey, which may deter some potential buyers.


After careful evaluation of the Odyssey DFX Rossie putter, I can confidently recommend it to any golfer seeking to elevate their game. This putter stands out for its advanced design, exceptional balance, and smooth stroke. The Odyssey DFX Rossie offers unparalleled performance on the greens, making it an ideal choice for players at any skill level. With its impressive feedback and consistency, this putter could be a valuable addition to your golf equipment. Therefore, based on its performance and quality, purchasing the Odyssey DFX Rossie putter would be a worthwhile investment for any serious golfer.

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