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Odyssey DFX #7


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Your next Putter

Experience excellence on the green with the Odyssey DFX #7 putter, an emblem of superior craftsmanship. This putter boasts a unique head type designed to optimize your putting stroke. The face of the putter, meticulously crafted, ensures a smooth roll and precise control. As for weight, it’s balanced impeccably, enhancing forgiveness and steadying your swing even under pressure. Affordable without compromising quality, the Odyssey DFX #7 is a worthy addition to any golf bag. Elevate your game with this stellar blend of performance, precision, and affordability.

The difference

The Odyssey DFX #7 putter stands out in the market due to several unique features. One of its remarkable aspects is the multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft that enhances the physical dynamics of the stroke. This putter also boasts a rich black PVD finish, giving it a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that distinguishes it from other putters. Moreover, the DFX #7 incorporates an enhanced DFX insert that promotes a softer feel and smoother roll. The design of the putter head provides excellent alignment assistance, boosting the golfer’s confidence at setup. These attributes make the Odyssey DFX #7 putter a distinctive choice for golf enthusiasts.

our pros

The chief strengths of this putter lie in its superior design and advanced technology. The Odyssey DFX #7 is a mallet-style putter that is designed with high contrast alignment aids, which can significantly improve the accuracy of your strokes. The putter head’s weight distribution is well-balanced, which provides an excellent feel and helps to increase the consistency of your putting stroke. The face of the putter is made from a specially engineered DFX material, which enhances the feel and sound at impact, contributing to a better overall putting experience.

our cons

However, there are a few downsides to the Odyssey DFX #7 putter that should be considered. Firstly, it’s on the pricier end of the spectrum, which might not make it the best choice for beginners or those on a strict budget. This putter also features a rather unconventional design that may not appeal to traditionalists or those who prefer a simpler, more classic look in their golf clubs. Some users have reported that the high contrast alignment aids can be distracting and actually hinder their focus during play. Finally, while many users appreciate the firm feel and sound of the DFX face material, others have found it to be too hard and lacking in responsiveness.


As an expert in golf equipment, I would definitively recommend the Odyssey DFX #7 putter to any golfer seeking to enhance their game. This putter stands out due to its exceptional design and high-grade materials, which contribute to its superior performance and durability. The Odyssey DFX #7 is renowned for its consistency, offering impressive alignment and distance control. Its soft and responsive feel is a significant benefit that could potentially improve the putting skills of both amateur and professional golfers. Therefore, investing in this putter would be a wise decision for any golfer aiming for improvement and success in their game.

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