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Odyssey DFX 2-Ball


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Your next Putter

Discover the magic of the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter, designed for those seeking perfection on the greens. Its advanced head type aids precision, while the meticulously engineered putter face offers a smooth stroke every time. The strategic weight distribution enhances forgiveness, making it an ideal companion for both seasoned pros and beginners. Not to mention, this cost-effective putter doesn’t compromise on performance. Experience the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter – where superior design meets outstanding gameplay.

The difference

The Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter stands out in the market with its distinctive design and advanced technology. Unlike typical putters, it incorporates a unique 2-Ball alignment system that tremendously improves aiming and accuracy. Additionally, the putter features an exceptional DFX insert technology that provides a firm feel and sound at impact, enhancing overall performance. The Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter is thus not just another putter; it combines innovation and practicality to offer golfers a superior tool for their game.

our pros

Starting with the positives, the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter is renowned for its exceptional alignment features. The distinctive 2-Ball design assists in lining up the putter directly with the target, enabling improved accuracy. Furthermore, the putter boasts of a double bend shaft that provides an unobstructed view of the ball from address. This aids in perfecting the stroke and ensuring a smooth roll. Another advantage of this putter is its weight distribution. The weight is distributed towards the perimeter of the putter head which enhances stability and increases the moment of inertia. These features collectively contribute to better control and precision in shots.

our cons

Despite these advantages, the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter does come with some drawbacks. One of the main criticisms is its price. Being a high-end golf club, it may not be affordable for all golf enthusiasts, particularly those on a tight budget or beginners who aren’t ready to invest heavily in equipment yet. Some players have also found its unique design to be a hindrance rather than a help. The 2-Ball design might take some time to get used to, especially for traditional players who are more accustomed to blade or heel-toe weighted putters.


As a golf enthusiast and expert, I would highly recommend the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter to both professional and novice golfers. This putter stands out for its top-notch design, which significantly improves alignment and accuracy. Its distinct 2-ball design also enhances visual feedback, which is crucial to better putting. The feel and response of the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball putter are exceptional, making it worth the investment. Therefore, based on its superior features and performance, I would advise any golfer looking for a game-changing putter to consider purchasing the Odyssey DFX 2-Ball.

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