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Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14


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Your next Putter

Experience the game-changing precision of the Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter, perfected for your putting stroke. Its distinctive head type is expertly weighted for maximum forgiveness, turning every green into your playground. The putter face is a masterpiece of soft milling, assuring an incredibly smooth roll every time. This putter brings professional-grade quality without breaking the bank. With the SCleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter in your grip, you’re not just playing the game – you’re mastering it.

The difference

The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter indeed possesses unique features that set it apart from other putters on the market. One of its key distinctive characteristics is the implementation of Speed Optimized Face Technology. This technology ensures consistent speed control and distance performance, irrespective of the strike point on the face. Moreover, this putter utilizes a unique diamond CNC milling pattern, which increases friction for a pure roll and softer feel at impact. The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter also boasts a customisable weight system, allowing golfers to modify the weight based on their preferences, thus providing a personalized experience.

our pros

The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter has gained significant popularity in the golfing community due to its myriad of pros. The putter features a speed-optimized face technology that provides consistent distance control, which is a critical aspect for any golfer. This technology ensures the ball’s speed remains constant across the entire face of the putter, resulting in more accurate shots. Additionally, the Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter offers an optimized center of gravity location. This feature enhances the stability and feel of the putter, providing golfers with a better grip and control. The well-designed diamond CNC milling pattern enhances friction for a pure roll, ensuring that each stroke is smooth and accurate.

our cons

However, despite its numerous advantages, the Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter also has some downsides. A prominent con is the slightly higher price point, which may make it less accessible to amateur golfers or those on a tight budget. Moreover, some players have reported that the club’s soft feel can be too subtle, making it difficult for them to gauge the strength of their swing. Lastly, while the classic design of the putter may appeal to traditionalists, it might not be as attractive to golfers who prefer a more modern aesthetic.


Based on comprehensive analysis and personal experience, I would highly recommend the Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter to golfers who are keen to enhance their game. This putter offers a perfect blend of exceptional design and superior technology. The soft milled face ensures precise control while the well-balanced weight distribution aids in smooth, consistent strokes. This, combined with its premium finish, makes the Cleveland HB Soft Milled 14 putter a worthy investment for both professional and amateur golfers. Therefore, if you’re considering a new putter, this model should unquestionably be on your shortlist.

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